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Key Practice Areas:

Constitutional Law

Protecting your right to free speech

America was founded on your right to speak your mind. When a state or local government body or agency prevents you from demonstrating, your First Amendment rights may be violated.

I represent clients facing restrictions on their ability to demonstrate and protest based on ordinances, laws, permitting schemes, and other measures preventing them from effectively speaking in public.

If you or your group is having difficulty demonstrating, protesting, conveying your messages in public, or if you have been penalized for doing so, contact me to schedule an appointment.

Due Process protects your life, liberty and property.

The United States and New Jersey Constitutions require governments to play by the rules in all of their dealings with you. This protects you from injury arising from arbitrary, capricious or grossly careless government conduct.

If any governmental agency, official or employee is taking improper action against you, I can help you to find a remedy.